Alom distribution crates

The Alom plastic distribution crates are sustainable packaging for the products you have ordered. The distribution crates can be placed on top of each other on split hinged lids, which nest in each other when closed. When open, empty, the distribution bins can be pushed into each other and then create an enormous space saving. Would you also like to use the Alom distribution crates for your next project and thus increase the efficiency within your project and also save the environment?

Alom Distribution Spot (ADS)

The Alom Distribution Spot (ADS) ensures that everyone can access a location at any time for the safe and controlled collection, delivery and return of materials and tools.

Internal employees as well as external suppliers and service partners can have 24/7 access to the necessary locations and materials in a dynamic, secure and automated manner.

Tools, goods and materials can have all shapes and sizes, this also applies to the Alom Distribution Spot. This technology can be integrated on doors, gates, garages, containers, boxes for both fixed and mobile locations.

Grease Pins (ABWS)

To optimize wheel rail conditioning (WRC), the Alom bio wheel flange grease pin lubricates the most vulnerable areas of wear. The solid pin is pressed against the wheel flange with a spring. The solid pin is the most cost-effective and reliable method of wheel flange lubrication. A system that has proven to be successful worldwide for years.

The Alom bio wheel flange grease pin reduces friction, minimizes wear on wheel flanges and rail, saves energy and reduces noise.

Wax filler hydrants type B2

Water supply at ProRail yards is very important. Trains must be cleaned and toilets must be supplied with water. Special taps have been developed for the sidings; the wax filler hydrants. These taps are installed underground. However, it is operated above ground.