Supply Chain Solutions

Good stock management in combination with our knowledge can have advantages for your company. This goes much further than warehouse management. Our experienced team will help you make operational improvements in your  Discover supply chain. We show you how you can demonstrably save costs and improve productivity.

Alom Distribution Spot (ADS) – Vending machines

The Alom Distribution Spot (ADS) ensures that everyone can access a location at any time for the safe and controlled collection, delivery and return of materials and tools.

Internal employees as well as external suppliers and service partners can have 24/7 access to the necessary locations and materials in a dynamic, secure and automated manner.

Tools, goods and materials can have all shapes and sizes, this also applies to the Alom Distribution Spot. This technology can be integrated on doors, gates, garages, containers, boxes for both fixed and mobile locations.

The Vending module makes it possible to automatically issue goods. For example, consumables such as personal protective equipment such as earplugs, safety glasses, gloves, etc.